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    Wifi marketing solution at  http://www.wirelessmarketing.vn/


    Truong Tin is Tanaza distributor  in VietNam


     We creates low-cost wifi marketing project ,a solution to manage Wi-Fi Access Points


    through the cloud, enabling higher levels of operational efficiency.




    Centralized Management

    Manage all your APs with a single management interface. Apply configurations to multiple devices at once. No more one-by-one manual configurations! No more excels with outdated information and passwords. Everything simply in one single place.



    Hotspot & Social Dashboard

    Social Login (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Microsoft Account)
    E-mail or phone login flow
    Easy and quick creation of a splash page with your logo and real-time preview
    “Likes” on your customer’s Facebook 
       Advertising: you can publish an image or video advertisement on the splash page
     Statistics and useful customer data, that you can export for your marketing campaigns



    Multi-vendor Compatible

    You are FREE to pick your favorite vendor and model of APs, and even deploy multi-vendor WLANs.
    Remote monitor the APs of your networks, even in multiple locations. Reduce the number of trips, time and cost to assess the network status and resolve issues. You need to be more efficient!



    Hotspot solution

       Cloud management of the hotspots and remote configuration  Social login: Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Microsoft Live

        Easy-to-create, customizable splash page. You can add your brand/logo on top and advertise!

        Social dashboard: super-detailed analytics and data capture












    Tanaza in the cloud, no need for a hardware controller



    No need for expensive hardware controllers or complex setups.   

    Local software installed on local hosts in every location? No need for them


    With Tanaza powered Access Points
    Configure complex VPNs, port forwarding, Public IPs, Dynamic DNS? No need for them, Tanaza is plug&play


    Tanaza cloud management is super simple and affordable.

    Your Wi-Fi Access Points and Wi-Fi Routers, once Tanaza Powered, will automatically connect to the cloud and you’ll be able to monitor and manage them. You can even do the first configuration through the cloud, thanks to the Zero-touch provisioning feature!


    Tanaza makes Wi-Fi centralized management and remote monitoring easy to use and affordable!